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Specs Optometry


Specs Optometry is a full-service optometry and luxury optical boutique in One Paseo, a high-end shopping center in Del Mar, CA.

Our mission was to translate Spec’s existing brand values – warmth, playfulness, and effortless style – into the company’s third location while creating a unique identity based on One Paseo’s “stylish but not tragically hip” vibes.

A Whimsical Welcome

We began with a foundation of warm, modern materials and clean lines. Light maple cabinetry served as a nice contrast to the frames, and concrete flooring added to the brightness of the space while also reinforcing the spotlessness you’d expect of a medical treatment facility.

After setting the backdrop, we layered in unique textures like perforated, back-lit black matte metal paneling in the reception area and along the hallways to evoke understated luxury. Lighting was an especially important part of the design, not only to showcase details of the eyewear lines, but also for customers to get the full visual effect of the space. We accomplished those goals with a mix of unique accent lights and spot lighting in the display areas.

A Whimsical Welcome

Among our favorite features were the “spectacle-centric” large format graphics that we used throughout the office and treatment rooms. Our Clients were clear that the clean, high-end feel of their space needed to be balanced with visual surprises that delighted their customers.

Seeing The Vision Come To Life

Interior Detail At Specs Optometry at One Paseo

A Room With A View

Designing a medical space is the ultimate crossover of art and science, form and function. We were intentional about every square inch, particularly in treatment rooms that needed to accommodate large equipment. By coordinating the vendors for build-out ourselves, we ensured that all the foundational elements were in place on time and in the right sequence so the Client could place their equipment on schedule.

Specs Optometry opened its doors in Winter 2019 and continues to serve the greater San Diego community with their trademark brand of laid-back professionalism.


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