Capturing California Casual 



Lovestitch, a bohemian women’s clothing line with a dash of California contemporary, chose us to help them transition from a packed storefront in L.A.’s frenetic Fashion District into a new space that better told the story of their designs.

The result was a bright and airy showroom that better displayed their clothing and transformed their buying experience from chaotic to customer-centric.

A New Narrative

Storytelling is frequently cited as key to a brand’s success, and Lovestitch’s design is a prime example of how retailers can express a narrative through their environment.

By designing a space that reflected the clothier’s values, the new store became a hub for casual, comfortable interactions with Clients who could “feel” the brand from the moment they walked in the door.

Like It Was Always There

Brick, wood and concrete elements preserved from the original building, with fixtures, displays and furnishings sourced primarily from local vendors, ensured a natural sense of place for the collections.

Pulling It All Together

After evaluating not only the potential of the historic warehouse where Lovestitch planned to relocate, but also the points along the customer journey that needed to be revamped, we introduced a number of innovations to the floor plan and flow that were specifically designed to enhance the brand story. Following design approval, we also coordinated the fabrication and installation of all custom shelving and displays.

My long-time clients were in awe when they walked through the new showroom for the first time. They were thrilled that we’d created such a beautiful space for them.

- Danny Foruzesh, Owner

From Frenzied to Fabulous

Lovestitch Los Angeles Showroom Shelving Detail

The Desired Effect

Lovestitch’s business tripled within the first six months of opening the new space, according to owner Danny Foruzesh. He credits the ambience of the new space as a major factor in the brand’s success.


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Percentage Increase In Business 6 Months After Opening

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