A Modern Medical Makeover 



FACES+ is a cosmetic surgery center located in La Jolla, CA that serves a high-end clientèle hailing from all over the world.

In partnering with Retail Habitats to redesign their offices, they not only elevated their existing esthetic but also optimized the functionality of their space to better serve their staff and patients.

Minimalism With Maximum Impact

From the outset of the project, FACES+ Owner & Medical Director, Dr. Steven Cohen, described a vision of his office as a work of functional art – hardly surprising given that several of his own paintings hang throughout the space.

Along with the development of a clean, contemporary backdrop, we also paid particular attention to layout deficits that had hampered the space following a previous remodel. In particular, check-in and check-out areas were separated to avoid crowding and allow a better post-op experience for patients. Also, a secondary waiting room, which had previously shared space with the staff break room, was surrounded in glass to give both patients and employees more privacy.

Layout Is Everything

Updating FACES+ required acquiring a deep understanding of their current visitor experience and how it fell short in regards to overall patient comfort, staff support, aftercare recommendations, etc. This knowledge was then put to use in identifying challenges in the existing layout and solving for them within the constraints of their existing footprint.

An Elegant Evolution

We completed the look with new fixtures throughout the space and custom millwork from local contractors. Additionally, our FF&E “muscles” were flexed by sourcing medical-grade materials for the operating suites. Following design approval, we opted to manage the renovation in phases by addressing the most pressing functional elements first and then completing a second round of updates at a later time to marry the new aesthetic to the rest of the environment.

Zen And The Art Of A Successful Project

For a space like FACES+, it was just as important to tell the right story of the proprietor as it was the “product.” By allowing the design to integrate the personal interests and aesthetics of owner Dr. Steven A. Cohen, patients were able to feel comfortable not only with his expertise, but with his overall philosophy for his business.


Retail Habitats was the perfect partner at every step of the process and the results were amazing! Happy Doc, happy staff, happy patients - what more could you ask for?

- Kris Guaragno, Business Manager

Right On Schedule

Perfectly Prioritized

FACES+ completed the first phase of their build out just in time to host the VIP kickoff for Fashion Week San Diego, 2018. Following a several months long break in construction to reduce patient procedure downtime and  prepare the rest of the space for the new design, the second phase of the build was completed in August of 2019.


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