A High-Flying Renovation 

Drones Made Easy


Nothing says you’re living in the 21st century like being asked to create a retail space captivating enough to win the approval of the world’s largest recreational drone manufacturer.

When Drones Made Easy asked us to be a part of the effort, we jumped at the chance to put their sky-high aspirations on display.

A Big Time Partnership

Evolving from a small haven for hobbyists and gear heads into a dealer for an industry giant has its advantages.

Drones Made Easy’s partnership with Shenzen-based tech giant DJI resulted in an opportunity to update the look, feel and layout of the store to improve customer service and maximize revenue potential, all while preserving the local San Diego venue’s welcoming environment.

Letting The Product Do The Talking

Clean lines and a simple finish & material palette were selected so signature products would be the focus of a customer’s attention. Additionally, custom armoires were developed for a clean presentation of parts and accessories. Following concept approval, Retail Habitats worked with our local mill shops to specify, fabricate and install all of the custom displays and fixtures for the environment.



The Investment Pays Off

New Look, Same Dedication

Drones Made Easy’s updated space went “live” in June of 2017, cementing their reputation as the go-to destination for Drone sales, repairs and accessories in the Southern California region.


Project Square Footage


Number of Days For Fixture Installation


Number of Drone Models Available

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