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Creatif is a start-up arts and crafts instruction studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company’s founders – entrepreneurs embarking on the launch of their first company – envisioned a space where people of all ages and skill levels could learn, explore and express their creativity.

Full Support From Concept To Adaptation To Build

The entrepreneurial spirit of this project required flexibility and an abundance of problem solving – especially when the original location fell through midway through the concept development phase.

However, aided by the owners’ passion and our own enthusiasm for warmth, wonder and whimsy, we pressed on to develop and coordinate the build out of a space that invites bold experimentation for every artist.

Letting The Brand Take Center Stage

For the tech-driven environment, we chose neutral foundational elements like concrete, maple wood and glass to balance the bright “pops” of color for the furnishings and custom graphics. Steel gable structures were also added to create the illusion of privacy for small groups and individual artists while maintaining an open feel and inviting potential collaboration. Finally, a carefully curated mix of task and decorative lighting ensured a practical yet playful dimension in an environment that’s meant to be as functional as it is inspirational.

Everything came out awesome! Thanks again for designing a one-of-a-kind space that combines form & function so well!

- Jaya Aiyar, Owner

Getting Off To A Great Start

Retail Habitats Wins RDI Class of 2018 Honors

A Whimsical Winner

Since opening in August 2018, the owners of Creatif have continued their mission of helping novices and seasoned artists alike experience the joy and satisfaction that only creative exploration can provide!

The concept has also won three interior design awards, including a “Class of 2018” honor from the Retail Design Institute, Best Hybrid Retail Project in design:retail Magazine’s SPECTRUM Awards and an Honorable Mention from the International Design Awards.


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