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When 7-Eleven decided to take a groundbreaking step toward AI-powered retail, they knew finding the right interior design partner would be crucial to bringing the concept to life.

RHDC Studio’s nimble culture and forward-thinking approach proved to be the perfect fit. Following a close collaboration with with 7-Eleven’s internal crew, the result was the successful launch of an on-site cashierless proof-of-concept at their Irving, TX headquarters.

A Seamless Experience

Getting a project this innovative “over the goal line” often required novel ways of communicating across multiple teams. As it turns out, RHDC’s extensive experience coordinating with service providers of all types proved just as valuable to this effort as our track record of creating award-winning design concepts.

Throughout the design-build process we worked with all of the project’s vendors – some of whom we brought to the table – to help develop a fluid process of form vs. function “summits,” cabling clash detection and clever finish & material substitutions (some sensors don’t like metal, apparently…). The final product was an environment that looked great and worked even better.

Hiding Technology in Plain Sight

A smartphone is a crucial ingredient to the function of a cashierless store. In that spirit, we actually ended up taking inspiration from how people relate to their personal devices as we developed the visitor journey for the space. While it takes acres of server farms, seven-ton satellites and miles of cabling to make a smartphone work, the intuitiveness of the underlying software and the physical design of the device itself is really what creates an emotional connection to the experience. We decided to apply this same philosophy to 7-Eleven’s prototype. Wherever possible, we made sure that the hardware powering the technology blended into the “background” so customers paid full attention to the unique buying process and overall visual aesthetic.

RHDC worked seamlessly with the R&D team and played a key role in successfully bringing our vision to life!

- Ryan Strong, R&D Product Leader, 7-Eleven

Contactless Convenience

Ahead of the Curve

7-Eleven’s Cashierless Prototype opened it’s turnstiles in February 2020 – mere weeks before the pandemic sparked increased interest in frictionless and contactless experiences.

It has since been featured prominently in multiple news outlets as a “store of the future” and the tech involved has influenced the customer experience in multiple locations across the US!


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