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The Rhythm Is Going To Get You

People are active beings who sing, dance, and bob their heads to the rhythm of everyday life, so why should your store’s interior design stop at just one of the senses?

Great design of any kind is engaging; it stimulates the senses and captivates the mind, and great retail design is no exception. Just like the shoppers who shuffle through day-in & day-out, the store’s atmosphere should be multi-dimensional. As such, you should breathe life into that environment with music that cohesively carries your brand through the airwaves while simultaneously creating an unconscious level of comfort for your customers.

But what is the best kind of music to play? Well, that depends on your store. You have to ask yourself, “what am I selling and who is my audience?” The proper music can create a synergistic bridge between your merchandise and your customer’s emotions. Chances are if you have a demure setting with low lighting and high-end products, your audience is older and more affluent so the new Lady Gaga single is not going to be the best way to win them over. This type of customer expects to hear the same music (played at the same volume) that they were listening to in the car on the way in, so charm them with soft jazz or classical music.

The same of course can be said for younger audiences.  The wildly successful retailer, Urban Outfitters caters to the young and hip in even more psychological depth.  (Let’s face it; 30-dollar T-shirts don’t exactly sell themselves.)  “Urban” has their own unique soundtrack of “Indie” hits that reflects their customer’s own personal music collections, thus completing the sense of unity between shopping experience and brand loyalty. Not to mention, they also offer the same in-store music for sale at the register so you can now take that experience home with you along with your cool new duds, yet again reinforcing an emotional bond to the brand.

Bottom line, in-store music is an essential tool that business owners and retail store designers should not overlook. Discover what kind of music your target market enjoys and use their emotional connection to that music as a valuable marketing tool to ensure that they keep coming back for years to come.

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