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Staff: What Does Yours Say About You?

We can help you with every aesthetic detail, design your space from top to bottom and hand you the keys to your polished new store, but if your staff does not share the same enthusiasm about your corporate culture as you do, then it will unfortunately be all for not.

As much as we would like to tell you a fabulously designed store is a 100% guarantee for success, it simply isn’t. Rather, it’s just a starting point from which to launch your business – it’s up to you to develop strong brand image to sustain your success once you are a hit.

To that end, it’s in your best interest to diligently staff your business with the same care and effort that went into the store design process. Your employees are the front-line of how your business will be perceived. Customers won’t notice how awesome your store looks if employees are rude and uneducated about the merchandise. Recently, we visited a remodeled store in a high-end mall. The store’s design was top-notch but the people working there did not reflect the appearance; they were uninviting and off-putting. They were so cold that we specifically did not purchase anything just to avoid interacting with them. Although we appreciated the beauty of the space, we will not be shopping there in the future.

Conversely, friendly and educated employees can make a world of difference; they will compliment the store’s atmosphere and simultaneously boost sales. While visiting an Express store in the same high-end mall, we were immediately greeted by friendly, helpful, and informative employees who created a feeling of comfort and warmth. Hey, what do you know – we actually bought stuff!

So hire people that faithfully represent your business and brand to the public. Employees should help boost your reputation by providing exceptional customer service to each person that walks in the door. In short, if you took the time to hire professionals to design your store, do yourself a favor and hire professionals to work in it.

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