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How Retail Design Thinking Can Give Your Spa Or Salon An Edge

Making the best use of your business’ precious real estate is the crux of what we do at RHDC. Our company’s original focus on retail has made for a number of “ah-ha” moments when designing for other commercial spaces, allowing us to bring a unique perspective to the concepts we create for Clients of all stripes, including those in the Health and Beauty Industry.

When the American public goes shopping – and we mean SHOPPING, not that quick run to Target to replenish a dwindling supply of toilet paper – they prefer to take their time. To consider, to compare, to contrast and to dwell. For years we’ve been adding amenities into retail environments that support these tendencies, be it strategically placed lounges throughout a store or specifying hospitality stations stocked with coffee and booze. Turns out that when we started designing spas and salons, a number of these fundamentals translated into those spaces as well!

A solid understanding of retail design best practices can be brought to bear by any business owner in the Health and Beauty Industry whether they have a merchandise area or not (which they should, but more on that later…). Of top consideration should be the aforementioned design decisions that make a space “dwellable.” Clients typically plan to sit and stay awhile to enjoy some pampering and relaxation. Since this sacred “me time” is often treated like a special occasion, their perception of the environment is absolutely crucial. Just as in retail, the finishes, materials and layout of your space will have a direct correlation to the perceived cost and quality of services received. Therefore if the space feels luxe, then Clients are subconsciously more willing to treat themselves by paying a premium price. Translation: the more you invest in the design upfront, the more you can justify charging for your hard work.

This is also why lighting, just as in retail, is so crucial. RHDC works with spa and salon owners to select appropriate lighting fixtures, levels and color temperatures so their carefully curated environment is seen in it’s best – um, well – light. But don’t just please your Clients’ eyes! A day at the salon is multi-sensory, so you should also use music and scent to amplify the desired mood. Plus, a champagne bar never did anything but improve a trip out – we’ll leave it up to you whether or not to spring for the Dom Perignon…

And finally, Retail – YOUR retail. As the shopping experience has morphed over past several years we’ve seen retailers extend their revenue streams in super creative ways be it through offering companion services or leveraging strategic partnerships. Your Clients are begging for products to tide them over between visits to your space, so it’s low hanging fruit to develop a retail strategy that’s right-sized and profitable.

RHDC’s evolution in to a multidisciplinary commercial interior design firm continues to challenge and inspire us, and if you’d like learn more about what we can do to help your business, please check out these Health & Beauty interior design case studies or contact us here!

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